Domain Name Generator (Coding Project: 4Geeks)

Domain Name Generator

After completing the excuse generator, our second project was the domain name generator. The main purpose here was to use nested arrays. The reason behind it was to create a list of domains combining multiple words. In this post, I’ll explain how I approached this problem.

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Excuse Generator (Coding Project: 4Geeks)

About a month into the bootcamp with 4Geeks Academy we started learning JavaScript. We did cover a few basic concepts before we could practice them fully. Our first project was an excuse generator. This post will cover the steps I took while making it. I used JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

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JavaScript Logical Operators and Conditionals

In this post, I’ll cover JavaScript logical operators and conditionals. They are a very important part of many coding languages, not just this one. Logic and conditions are pretty much how most programming languages operate. It is very important to understand this idea as most of the coding is based on it.

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