Photo Feed (Coding Project: 4Geeks)

While learning HTML and CSS, our second project was to create a simple photo feed. It was nothing too difficult. The main purpose of it was to get comfortable designing web pages. Again, as with the previous project from 4Geeks Academy, we were provided some instructions; however, we were still encouraged to play around with the code on our own.

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Digital Postcard (Coding Project: 4Geeks)

During the time spent at 4Geeks Academy, one of our first projects was to create a non-interactive digital postcard using only HTML and CSS. Although the boot camp provided us with instructions, we still had to add some creativity to it. It was the first project during the program.

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JavaScript Logical Operators and Conditionals

In this post, I’ll cover JavaScript logical operators and conditionals. They are a very important part of many coding languages, not just this one. Logic and conditions are pretty much how most programming languages operate. It is very important to understand this idea as most of the coding is based on it.

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