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Alexander Pyslarash
Alexander Pyslarash

Hi, I’m Alexander Pyslarash. It’s Century #21 where everyone must have a website. Since I didn’t want to be left behind, here’s mine. It’s pretty much a hub that points to various things that might be of any interest to you. I have my resume here, a book list, a blog where I write periodically, and some other cool things.

By the way, the blog will be the place where I’ll be sharing my thoughts and ideas regarding capitalism, economy, and other fun things. I’ll also write some articles that recommend various stuff (think of websites and books).

If you are so obsessed to learn who I actually am, you can read my bio that’s located here. I actually have quite an interesting life sometimes. Travel is my passion, and one of my Instagram pages is proof of that.

I do not normally hang out on Facebook, but I do play with their Ads Manager quite often as I love tweaking things there and learning what their algorithms can do.

Unfortunately, I’m not a digital pro, but I’m definitely tech-savvy. I won’t be able to program things, but I can build a website like this one. If you have a heavy urge to learn about my skills, then go to my LinkedIn page. Although I have my resume on this site, it’s not as detailed as the one I have there.

Finally, feel free to contact me via the contact page and follow me on social media websites like Facebook or Instagram (links are in the heading as well).

Thanks for stopping by!

Alex Pyslarash