When I was 18, I was trying to learn the art of pick up. Yes, I know, it sounds a bit cheesy. I guess, as a teenager, I just wanted to get a girl. I was reading various blog posts on that topic and came across a Russian article that talked about the three pillars of success.

The article was about the fact that you have to balance three different things to get the most out of your life. That is what I want to discuss today.

The Truth About The Three Pillars

So, what are the three things that you have to worry about? I’ll just lay it right here, but you need to read the whole article to learn how it works.

There are three things that you need to work on, and they are money, body, and relationships.

Now, let’s discuss each of them separately.


Having money is probably a very important thing for most of us. Yes, money does not bring happiness, but they can make our lives a lot more comfortable.

Money also brings more flexibility. When you have enough on your bank account, you can purchase what you want without restraining yourself. It just opens you a lot more possibilities that you haven’t had before.

People who say that money is not important are most likely poor, and they try to compensate that by making that excuse. They sometimes hate people with money as they are different.

You have to understand one simple fact: by itself, money is not evil. It’s what people do with it can be bad.

I’m also not telling you that you have to become a millionaire, but I’m pretty sure you would agree that having enough to provide for yourself and your loved ones is important. Besides, the location is important too. A million dollars in one place can barely make a difference, while somewhere else it will do a lot.

So, simply understand that by “money” I mean “having enough” to the point where you don’t have to have a headache how to pay your rent, etc.


Now when we’ve got the first pillar out of the way, it’s time to talk about the next one, body.

By “body” I mean not just the physical shape, but also health and well-being.

I think anyone can agree that being in a good shape and healthy is important. You can do a lot more because of it. You can work harder, do fun recreational activities, and simply be attractive.

A lot of people completely forget about their health as they have some habits that they can’t control. If you don’t have control over food, alcohol, or simple laziness, then it definitely has control over you.

For some people improving their body can be much harder than for others. But the fact is, you always have to work on yourself. It doesn’t matter how small your steps are. 99% of the time every problem has a solution, so if you need to work out, or eat less sugary foods, then you have to do it starting now.


The final pillar is relationships. You can also substitute it with love.

What I mean is that if you want to have your life completely balanced, you’ve got to have someone by your side, a partner-in-crime.

I know, some people don’t want to have just one partner. Some don’t want to marry and want to stay single. You don’t necessarily have to have a love partner (although it’s the best solution).

However, if you have a best friend who’s supportive and always there for you, that can work as well.

The reason is that they will help and push you forward. By that, you will be able to achieve a lot of great things. Just don’t forget to pay back and support them as much as they help you.

How Three Pillars Are Connected

After we’ve described what these three pillars are, now it’s time to connect them together.

Why is it important to keep all of them in balance and is it possible to get one if you are missing it? The answer is yes.

It’s really hard to have a complete and fulfilling life if you have only one pillar. Sooner or later everything will be crumbling down.

Imagine these pillars as a three-legged table. If it has all three legs, it’s gonna be stable. If it has just two, it can stand only if you balance it correctly. If it has just one, it will most likely fall down.

How To Balance The Three Pillars

Now let’s learn how we can get all of these three pillars.

First, if you’ve got nothing, focus on one of them. Whatever comes easier for you, do that thing first. If you are a Casanova, then find a partner. If you know how to get the money, get it! And if you can get to the gym and work on your body, do that first.

It might take time, but when you’ll get the first pillar out of your way, everything else will start coming to you easier.

Normally, if you’ve got two pillars, the third one comes by itself.

Let’s say, you had nothing, and you sign up for a gym. After 6 to 12 months, you’ve got in decent shape. You lost some extra weight you had or got that six-pack you always wanted. Now it’s time to get the second pillar.

Let’s say, now you decide to find a job that pays better. I love my examples about the McDonald’s, so if you’ve read my previous post, while you decided to work on your body, you also asked your boss for a promotion. And in our case, they give you a green light. If they say no, then you know what to do. Go on Indeed or ZipRecruiter and get a better paying job for yourself. Just do it!

As soon as you’ve got these two pillars out of your way, the relationships will come faster. If a woman (or a man) sees that you are working on yourself and have a good job, they will most likely be with you. I also assume that you have a good character. And you should work on your character too; it’s a part of the “body” pillar.

Buy Two Get One Free

So, you understand that if you’ve got two pillars out of the way, the third one comes much easier.

In our example above we started working on body and money, and we’ve got relationships back.

Let’s say, you decided to get a better paying job first. Then you meet a woman of your dreams, and she accepts you seeing that you work on yourself. Eventually, she pushes you to get in better shape and stay healthy.

Likewise, if you’ve got relationships first, they might inspire you to get a better job or get in shape, and then the third pillar will arrive as well. You understand the drill.

In Conclusion

I hope, this lesson wasn’t too hard. It’s just a philosophy that one should follow, in my opinion.

Life throws a lot of things at us constantly, and keeping everything in balance is very important. It can simply make or break you.

Just remember, as long as you are getting the two pillars, the third one will come along. Give it some time and don’t rush it.

I’ll see you soon!

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