I guess before I start writing posts on this blog, I need to publish an article that everyone should read first before they try to understand what I’m trying to say. Besides, I need to lay down a few rules that I’d like people to follow if they want to participate in discussions here.

Before we start, I need to tell you a bit about myself, so you could understand the point of view I’m coming from. Because there are reasons why is I tend to disagree with a lot of my friends on some of the current issues that are happening in America.


I was born in Russia in 1990. Growing up in a country that just stopped being the largest communist giant in the world and became a democracy (to an extent) wasn’t easy, although my parents gave me the best childhood a kid in a working family could get. Later on, Russia established itself as a socialist country providing free education and free healthcare to its people. Sounds good, right? Well… to an extent. Free education can get you only that far, and the quality of it will be low. That’s why somehow my mom sent me to private schools that could provide me with better knowledge. I wasn’t the brightest student, nor I was the dumbest by the standards of the schools I’ve been at.

In 2007 we immigrated to the United States, and somehow here I knew a lot of things way above average. I knew math and physics much better than my peers did. However, I decided to go to a business school as I was sick of formulas and numbers (but I was familiar with them, so I didn’t want to completely move away from it). If before coming to the US, I was leaning more left, after getting my degree, I became more conservative in my economic views. I guess, one of my professors, Dr. Laurie, opened my eyes to a lot of things.

That actually helped. I was able to easily adapt to capitalism and use it to my advantage. I became using the System the way it was made for the rich people to use it. Except, I’m not rich. I’m not even making six figures. I’m planning to get to 7 figures eventually, and it seems like I know the way to it.

Lessons for The Working Class

I was talking to my friend about the current political and economic situation in this country. We weren’t arguing; just discussing it. Which is the better way, in my opinion, as arguing doesn’t change anyone’s point of view; it just wastes time.

I told him that there are a lot of ways to legally work the system that people just don’t know of, and that’s the problem. If they would know these ways, they could get more freedom and would spend less money (and pay fewer taxes).

The answer I’ve got was that regular folks simply don’t have the knowledge as schools are businesses intended primarily to make a profit. They don’t teach about the system, the exact thing you need to know to survive in this country. That’s the reason a lot of working people agitate for universal healthcare, free education, and a lot of other socialistic benefits.

The Goal

I’ve had those benefits, and they are good, but they can help you only this much. That’s why my friend suggested teaching average Joes on how the system works. So, I decided to start this blog on the same exact day. I’m also writing this “READ FIRST” article as an introduction. I had ideas of creating a business whose purpose would be to educate people, but I don’t want to sell classes for thousands of dollars, so let’s start the blog first.

I read a lot of books on how to get rich and motivate yourself. Hell, as I said, I even have a degree in “How to get rich”. The problem is not everyone wants the money exactly; people just want to get some freedom. While a fat paycheck can make you live comfortably, what I’ve noticed was that the more money you make, the more expenses you begin to acquire.

A lot of business books teach you how yo use the system to your advantage. I used their lessons on practice, and they do work. You don’t have to make six or seven figures to use them, yet you can get the benefits that they provide.

That’s what this blog will be about.

Fight or Adopt

It seems to me like a lot of people think that freedom equals more money and benefits. While that’s true, it doesn’t always have to be like that. You can be free with a net income of $10,000-30,000 a year (look: net income).

Because people don’t know the secrets, they are fighting to socialize the country. And that can be good as businesses will treat you better. However, most of the needed fighting has been done already. We don’t have kids working on coal mines for 16 hours a day earning a few pennies a day.

Yet, people try to increase the minimum wage, tax the rich, and do a lot of other things.

Here’s the problem. Billionaires have a lot of power. More than you think. So, fighting is a long and hard process that might fire back. Billionaires have tons of tricks up in their sleeves; they also have amazing lawyers and accountants that always look for the loopholes.

There’s another way: adopting. And that’s what I’m proposing. And that’s why you need to first read this article before diving in further. Instead of living miserably and fighting for your rights, you can adapt to the environment you are in, and utilize the benefits of it. It’s faster, and that’s the way even nature works. If you know a bit about Darvin’s theory, the species that adapt better, have a higher chance of survival. So, I’d ask you to look at everything through that lens.

“But I want to thrive!” you might say. Before you can thrive, you need to learn to survive. Keep reading.

But Another Country Does It Better!

Also, I’m a millennial, and most of my peers are complaining that baby boomers ruined everything for us. While it can be true, they just happened to live at a certain period of time where everything worked a certain way. Same with other generations that lived before them. They probably had it worse.

The time is moving forward. Today are the 2020s, not the 1960s or 70s. It’s a much different time with a different set of rules we have to follow. In 20-30 years we will have a different time with different rules also. We will have to adapt again. We can try to fight and make everything work like it used to be or like it is in other countries, but here’s a quote by a famous Russian writer and diplomat, Alexander Griboedov, from his book Woe from Wit, “It’s better where we are not.” It basically means, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

While you might think that some things are done better in other places on this planet, trust me, they have other problems. And some of those problems are caused by these “good things”. For example, the middle class can get taxed heavily.

We will be discussing all these issues in future posts.

Rules (Must Read)

Now let me outline a few rules I’m asking you to read first and follow.

  1. You don’t have to read my writing if you don’t like what I’m saying. I’m simply sharing my knowledge and experience.
  2. Do not argue. Like I said before, it won’t get us anywhere. Do not argue on my posts and on social media where I will be sharing my posts.
  3. Share your ideas, but keep an open mind.

Here, that’s all the rules for now. I might add more in the future.


Like I was saying, my blog will be providing free information that in my opinion a lot of people miss. I’ll start with articles, and if you will like it, I might create a podcast maybe.

I might refer you to some paid stuff (like books that you must read), but I’m not selling that. Currently, I don’t have any products to sell, and if I will in the future, I’ll make it very affordable (like a book). I don’t want people to spend tons of money on something. As this is the problem: average folks lack the necessary information due to high costs, so that’s why I’m giving it away for free.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. Also, you can enter your email in the form below. I’ll plug that information to my newsletter, and whenever I’ll release a new post, you’ll get a notification (or the post itself) to your email. Spam is horrible, so I won’t be spamming you. I’m not sure how often I will write something yet, but I’ll be aiming for a post a week or a month. Sounds good?

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