Alex Pyslarash

Alexander Pyslarash was born in Chelyabinsk, USSR on January 19th, 1990 to Valery and Anna Pyslarash. In his early childhood, his family had to move to Odesa (currently Ukraine); however, in 1994 they returned back. Alex went to middle and high schools that were focused on physics and math. At 14 Alex started learning guitar.

In 2007 he graduated high school in Russia, and later that year he moved to the United States with his mother. They settled in Lake Elsinore, CA where he attended a senior year of American high school and graduated the second time in 2008. Later that year they moved to Orange County, CA.

Alex went to Mt. San Jacinto College, IVC, and Saddleback College. He graduated in 2011 from the latter one with an Associate’s degree in Business Administration. During the same time, he started working part-time at Subway as a Sandwich Artist.

In 2011 Alex transferred to California State University, Long Beach to pursue a degree in Business Management. In October 2012 he quit Subway and started working part-time as a background actor. In 2013 he began working for a local small business, K&G Appliance, doing billing. While he was getting his bachelor’s, he minored Music as well.

By 2014 Alexander completed his education and received a diploma from CSULB. In the same year, he began working part-time as an Uber and Lyft driver. He also joined SAG in order to get higher-paid acting jobs. Until 2016 he has been balancing his income between rideshare, billing job, and work as an extra.

In June 2016 Alex moved to Portland, OR area. There he started doing Uber and Lyft full time. Meanwhile, he began learning more about marketing; especially online marketing with a focus on Instagram and Facebook.

By 2017 he started an online store, Elegrant, LLC that was selling women’s purses and handbags. Despite that the site was making thousands of dollars in revenue, it was losing money. In 2018 Alex made a decision to close the LLC.

It wasn’t long until in 2019 he started a website, COSMOS42, selling space-themed jewelry. A few months before the website was launched, Alex gathered more than 600 emails for his email and Facebook campaigns. COSMOS42 has made sales.

In 2020 Alex launched a website, Lemouniq, that is focused on selling designer throw pillows.