If you like making money doing random things than this is a great way. I recently signed up with TaskRabbit. Basically, the app is a marketplace for freelancers. If you are a great electrician who ended up without a job, or maybe you are an amazing handyman, or someone like me who doesn’t know how to do anything, but wants to make some extra money, then this platform is for you. Sign up with them, go to the orientation, and you are set; you can then pick up those random jobs.

You may be asked to deliver something or do some shopping while they are busy at work. It’s an opportunity to make some good money. People have started with $13/hr and sometimes make up to $60/hr with this company. Typically, the bigger the city, the higher the pay (it all depends on demand). You can work on your own schedule which is amazing!

So, just fill out the form below, and I will make sure to refer you to this great company!

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