This is a really cool way to make money on the side. I recently started doing it myself. Postmates (referral code – is an on-demand delivery service (imagine Uber for deliveries). It’s a good option if you don’t really like dealing with people, and prefer driving around listening to the music you love, instead of someone opening and closing your windows and asking to play their songs. While I love talking to my passengers while working for Lyft or Uber, sometimes I want a break from socializing, so I open the Postmates app and get a job request right away.

It won’t pay as much as Uber or Lyft would. The minimum pay for delivery is usually $4 + tips, but the payout depends on the distance, so you can make more than you expected. I usually manage to make about $100 in 8 hours. It isn’t a lot, but it makes up for when demand is slow on Uber or Lyft. I love Postmates because you can also decline a job if it is too far (I don’t take it if I have to drive more than two miles to pick up something). Jobs come up often (I usually get a request within the first three minutes after I open the app), and they pay you within 5-7 days after you’ve finished (and it’s nice to see more money show up in your account, to be honest).

If you are interested, just fill out this form, and don’t forget to put my e-mail ( as the referral code! I hope you will get the extra cash that you wanted to!