Did you know that you can make money basically doing nothing and then have bragging rights about you being in a movie? Well, I happen to live close to Los Angeles, and I’ve been working in film for three years already, and I love it. I even joined the SAG-AFTRA union, so I could make even more money! When you show up on set on time, you automatically get paid for 8 hours, plus if you work more than 8 hours, you get overtime. In addition to that, sometimes there’s free food and amazing people!

If you’re lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, or New Orleans, you visit the website of Central Casing and check out the registration information for that casting agency. You can be an extra (background actor). You don’t need a resume; you don’t need to know anything about acting! All you need is legal documents to prove you can work in the United States. That’s it! And you can get side jobs in film! If you don’t live in these cities, don’t worry. There are movies being shot everywhere in America. All you need to do is to Google “Extras Casting Agency in <your city>” to find one in your area. By the way, commercials pay more!

If you live near Los Angeles, after you register with Central Casting in Burbank, you can run across the street to a company called Extras! Management. They help you find a job for a monthly fee. You usually break even after the first job. If you decide to register with them, make sure to tell them that Alexander Pyslarash referred you or just give them the code “PYS02”.

I hope I’ll see you on set! =)