Everyone hates having a boss. I used to have one, but then I decided that I could be my own. I used to work for Subway. I got along with my co-workers, my managers, and customers liked me. Then everything changed when the store owner retired and sold his business to someone else. The first time I met a new district manager, I got in a fight with him because he tried to teach me how to do a job that I’d been doing well in for years. I understand his perspective; however, it’s possible to take a better approach when working with employees. Around the same time, I started working as a Hollywood extra, where I was made at least 8 hours worth of pay, even if I only worked 2 hours. So, I put in my two-week notice and left Subway.

Extra work was inconsistent, and I was a full-time student at Cal State Long Beach. Once, I took 16 units of classes that I squeezed into two days while working as an extra (and hours on a movie set can be ridiculously long). At one point I had 12-16 hour work days with 14 hour school days in between. I loved it! It was then I realized that I would never work for anyone else (and I haven’t since then).

Later on I discovered services like Lyft and Uber, and joined them in order to make some extra cash during a hiatus from the film industry. It was a struggle, but somehow I managed to pay my bills on time while living in Orange County, California (an upscale area about an hour and a half south of Los Angeles).

After graduation, I tried to find a job; however, employers either wanted to give only commission (selling products or services I didn’t want to sell) or they only paid $12/hr. Twelve bucks an hour, before tax, in Orange County, where the minimum price for a studio apartment is about $1200/month. So I decided to try something else. I would rather hustle, make that overtime, work 60 hours a week if I want to (some employers won’t allow that), and get what I deserve, not what someone else tells me I deserve.

Recently, I started to make decent money, and that’s why I want to share with you how you can be your own boss. Yes, you will struggle. Yes, it will be hard and having business training would be a bonus (and that’s why I provide a list of books you must read). But in the end, you will be the winner. The twenty-first century is full of ways to be self-employed. Just surf around my website and learn about some of the cool opportunities that will let you work for yourself!