Knowledge is key! I have a business degree, and at first I felt the same as everyone, “when I finish school, I don’t need to do homework, I don’t need to read books, and I don’t need to educate myself anymore!” Oh, how wrong I was.

After we graduate, we still need to educate ourselves in order to stay afloat and be competitive. The education we receive becomes old news as soon as we get our diploma. We need to be up to date. We have to learn something new all the time. Getting into the habit of reading one book a month no matter how busy you are is important. You can find some time to read 20 pages every day, and 20 pages every day over 30 days is 600 pages! English is my second language, and I read books that aren’t in my native language, so I can be on top of the latest information. Subscribe to newspapers (use your student ID – that’s how I still get 50% off my Amazon Prime, WSJ subscription for 2 years ultra-cheap, and other discounts) to be on top of the news. Twenty minutes a day keeps you in the know about what is going on in the world.

Here are some books and websites that you should check out. They’re valuable because not only will you be more competitive on the market as an employee, but as someone who’s self-employed. They will help you figure out what direction to go in to make more money!