This is my personal business website that showcases various areas of expertise. Here you can find services I provide, blog posts, and business opportunities for yourself.

I came to the United States in 2007. I went to college, received a degree and began working, but in 2012 I realized it wasn’t the way to go. If your employer cannot provide benefits, guarantee work hours or even provide an actual job, why should you dedicate 40 years of your life working for somebody else?

I am a private contractor and entrepreneur working on developing my own business. While it can be a struggle, it also gives me the freedom and flexibility an employee could never have. This website offers a new perspective on a system that has changed so much in 21st century that traditional methods no longer apply.


On this website I will show you the ways you can make money working for yourself. I tested everything myself, and can assure you that all of it works, and it is possible to make money. All you need is desire to make them!


There are ways you can invest in your future that were proven to work. I will show you some options that you can use, so you could take an opportunity today!


It is never too late to learn. For the matter of fact, you should be learning and improving your skills every time. Here I will provide you a list of books that every hustler should read as well as some websites where you can improve your skills.